San Francisco Giants Dinner

September 4, 2023

taco cups on display

chef maria with alex byer
one of the general managers of the sf giants

taco cups on display

hat was the theme and your plan for the Giants dinner at the museum?

The event was a celebration of baseball throughout the years, with speaker Dave Dravecky. It was held in the baseball Museum in San Francisco, so I planned the buffet around the ideas of baseball food, and what we enjoy eating at a game. The guests were passed appetizers with drinks and then wandered around looking at exhibits, while enjoying the buffet.

How was the food received by your customers?

The preparations my staff and I made to go the extra mile was worth it. I made sure my guests were full immersed in the baseball experience of a game, and the food has a large impact on this.

Avocado Toast Bites
Farmer’s Market Tomato and Basil
Olive Oil and Balsamic Reduction
Ahi Poke with Tobiko Caviar
Jalapeño, Cucumber, Ginger, Sweet Soy Sauce
Won-ton Crisps
Chicken Skewer and Som Tum Thai Cups
Green Papaya Salad
Roasted Peanuts
Lamb Pistachio Meatballs
Labneh and Sumac Dipping Sauce
Buffet Station
Braised BBQ Beef Sliders
Mini Corn Dogs
Mustard, Chili Ketchup
Walking Tacos
Cauliflower Chili Verde, Cheese, Cotija Cheese
Shredded Lettuce and Tomato
All-American Cole Slaw
Fresh Potato Chips
French Onion, Artichoke Dip

How was it different from other events you have prepared for?

When I work with Alex, it is usually a private dinner event. This evening was a much larger event in the museum with guest speakers. It was a private event put together by Alex Byer.

chicken skewers on display


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